Venturing Into Spring | The Details



JACKET : Freaky Nation | BLAZER, BELT & PANTS : H&M | SHIRT : From a french Boutique | BRACELETS : Sal y Limon | BAG : Furla | SHOES : Globus

In order to encourage Spring to show it’s pretty face a bit sooner, I thought I’d be a good role model by bringing out floral patterns and bright colors!
Not sure if Spring got the hint yet, but I’ll keep trying and who knows, maybe it will encourage the sun to shine a bit more brightly and the flowers to bloom a bit sooner! 😉
In all honesty, I am just borred of wearing dark colors and that’s the reason why I chose a rather daring color combo – Blush & Scuba Blue – Yes, Scuba Blue is a thing, even defined by PANTONE as such, which basically is the color-guru extraordinaire worldwide, therefore it must be right!
No matter what you call this color though, adding it to your look will give it a summery feel immediately, which I welcome with open arms.
If you want to see this look „in action“ click here.
I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you a lovely day!




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