Sunday Afternoon

PJ & Fluffy Socks: Primark | Pink Cup : IKEA | Instant Camera : Instax Mini 8
Sunday was always the weirdest of all days for me and I have only recently learned to appreciate it for its slow pace and tranquility.
I have started using this day to work on my blog and gather new ideas for future posts. I have been enjoying working on outfit posts lately, because fashion is something I am extremely passionate about. Putting outfits together is just something I love doing and I can’t wait to keep working on this side of my blog. I have, however, also started thinking about adding a section in which I can share my opinion on everything and anything with you. A type of column, where I can just talk about whatever goes on in my mind at that exact moment in time.
Writing my weekly #ChloeGoesSummer posts last year – which I still owe you a before-and-after post of – showed me that I enjoyed recounting what was going on in my life. If you haven’t seen my #ChloeGoesSummer project yet, make sure to check out my journey here.
It offered a great space to talk about things that preoccupied me, that I found funny, sad, entertaining or simply curious. It was sometimes really freeing to just write it off my chest and I got a lot of positive feedback from it, which is why I would like to create a space where I can just share stuff with you.
So this is what I was thinking about and working on last Sunday. Now before you start raising an eyebrow at me, I obviously don’t look like this every Sunday, when I casually work on my blog at home. I usually don’t bother with hair, makeup, jewelry and everything else that is making me look like I got my s*** together on these pictures. However, this Sunday, I decided to put in some extra effort for you, because me on an actual Sunday morning is very much „au naturel“, which just doesn’t photograph well.
I mean, #IWokeUpLikeThis is nice and all, but we both know that it took me about an hour to look effortlessly casual like this.
The only thing that is actually accurately portrayed in these pictures is my collection of pink things that are scattered all across my apartment – it really is a girly flat indeed and yes, I might have a problem. Another thing that is portrayed correctly is my obsession with cute PJs, just like these The Time Is Meow ones that Gabriella Lindley designed for Primark.
I hope you enjoyed this post – even if I definitely didn’t wake up like this – and I wish you a lovely day dear!

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