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I hope you’re doing amazing!
Today, I want to show you a really easy way to get your make-up look from day to night in only 3 simple steps.
You know how it is when you spontaneously arrange a dinner date or suddenly realize that you were supposed to head to an appointment you had completely forgotten and your make-up look just won’t do?
It often happens to me that, in the morning, I decide that no or only a tiny bit of make-up will do for the day. This is partly due to my morning laziness, but mostly because I think it’s totally ok to not wear make-up every day and to show your pretty face „au naturel“ if you want to.
However, you can be sure that this will be the day that all your friends suddenly have time to go out in the evening or your crush asks you on a date.
Even if you chose to apply a little bit of make-up in the morning, it will be gone by the time the evening rolls around and you will not feel ready for which ever type of social gathering you are expected to attend.
As I want to look presentable in such situations, but cannot be bothered  – nor have the time – to apply 20 different products in order to look like „I WOKE UP LIKE THIS“, this is generally the moment I start to panic.
In order to prevent the anxiety of said moments, I was trying to find a way to take my plain day look and transform it into a presentable night style in only a few steps.
If my rambling has made you curious and you want to finally discover my „super awesome“ tips, make sure to check out the video below…


EYESHADOW : Urban Decay – Naked 3 | MASCARA : Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real Mascara | LIPSTICK : Mac Cosmetics – Candy Yum Yum


DRESS : Primark


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