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This week, I’m lucky.
This week, I’m on vacation.
This week, I’m gonna film a ton of videos.
This week, I’m gonna take instagram worthy pictures that will make everybody jealous.

That’s pretty much what I told myself when I arrived in the South of France for my summer vacation!
And what better way to start the stream of summer videos with a fun little First Impression & Try On of a product I have been very curious about?!? – Exactly, there is none!

That’s why I sat down by the pool and tried the temporary tattoos of My Mantra for the first time.
My Mantra is a swiss company that sells their product in various different stores in Switzerland and I was curious to see what the tattoos would look like.

I have to say that the variety of different designs they offer is lovely and it was very hard to choose which set to choose. I went for the Arabian Henna one, but I hope to be able to try their other ranges in the future as well.

If you want to see how I applied them and how they looked on my hands, check out the video and if you want to see a full review, keep reading below!

TEMPORARY TATTOOS : My Mantra Golden Tattoos | BRACELETS & NECKLACES : Sal y Limon | DRESS : H&M
After having worn the tattoos, I have come to the following conclusion: I love them and I will definitely be wearing them this summer!
But in order to give you a more valuable feedback, I have analyzed different points that I found important below:
With over 10 different sets that are all focusing on different ethnicities and trends, My Mantra really provides you with a lovely selection to fulfill all your temporary tattoo dreams for this summer!
I honestly had issues choosing which one to take and I stood in front of that display way to long, trying to find out which ones would suit me best – my boyfriend can vouch for that – but in the end, I went for the Arabian Henna.
The application couldn’t be simpler! If you ever applied temporary tattoos as a kid, you’ll be having a flash back!
You only need: 
My Mantra Golden Tattoos | Scissors | Water
…and you’re ready to go!
Check out my video above to see how I applied the tattoos! (I added a washcloth to make it easier)
I honestly love the look of the My Mantra Golden Tattoos, they are statement pieces that fit this years „modern hippie“ trend perfectly and they make every boring outfit look really cool.
They are also perfect to take some envy-infusing-instagram-pictures, which is always a plus! 😉
On a more serious note – I am enjoying them greatly and can definitely recommend them for special occasions or picture-perfect summer vacations!
The longevity is the only aspect that wasn’t as satisfactory, as unfortunately, they only lasted for about a day. However, I have to say that I was on vacation, where the tattoos were exposed to the sun, the pool water, sunscreen and many other influences, which weren’t very favorable.
Also, I had placed them on my hands, which is a body part that is constantly in movement and in contact with anything you touch, therefore, I wasn’t really astonished to see them fading after one day only.
I will try to use them again when I’m back in „real life“ and I’m curious to see how the longevity will be when the circumstance are better.
Either way, if you have a special occasion – party, concert, festival or else – I would definitely recommend adding some My Mantra Golden Tattoos to give your look a unique touch!
Don’t be sad if it doesn’t last a whole week, it was worth having that perfect accessory for your special occasion!
One set of My Mantra, which contains enough tattoos to create various different looks, has a price of 9.90 CHF. Considering the amount of tattoos included and the nice designs, I would say that this price is very acceptable. 
Overall, I am very happy that I tried the My Mantra Golden Tattoos.
They have given me a flashback to my childhood, a fun video and some awesome instagram photos! 😉
I would love to hear your opinion on metallic or gold temporary tattoos, so don’t be shy and leave me a comment below!

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