Energy Fashion Night 2015


I had the chance of winning tickets to the Energy Fashion Night, which took place last Saturday in Zurich. So naturally, my girls and I got all dolled-up and headed to the „metropolis“ of Switzerland to join the mass of „fashionable“ people there.
On the way to the location, it was easy to detect who was heading in the same direction – Overdressed seemed to be the new black!
Sequins? – Of course!
Anything designer you own? – Put it on!
Skirts that could be belts? – Yeah! Who needs pants?!?
Heels you can’t walk in? – Naturally!
Jokes aside, of course we also joined the circus, because frankly, I love having an occasion to dress-up a little bit and – let’s face it – events like that don’t happen every week…
So we wore our heels, took our designer(ish) bags out and put on a little bit of extra-special make-up!
Here is the proof…
Because Energy knows what women want, they offer the possibility to take some special pictures before the show. This year, they made us the star of the moment with a limousine and some papparazzi…
In case you are wondering what exactly I was wearing, here you go…


SHIRT & BOW : H&M | PLEATHER LEGGINS : Primark | BAG : Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Ebène 30cm | BRACELETS : Sal y Limon | SHOES : Pasito | LIPSTICK : Maybelline – Super Stay 24hours Lipstick
As the seats are not allocated when you win the tickets, but are given out once you arrive at the event, you have no chance of knowing where you will be sitting. (except if you are a VIP of course, which we were not…) So we ended up having seats where our heads nearly touched the ceiling, but at least, we had a view of everything happening! 😉
It wasn’t bad at all, but it is true that the atmosphere is different if you sit closer to the stage.
The energy just doesn’t quiet reach you the same way when you sit very far away.
Last year, we were very lucky to be seated rather close to the stage and I had the feeling that we were more involved in the actual event.
Nevertheless, the Energy Fashion Night 2015 was a blast and the music acts brought live to the fashion show.
Some of my favorites were the Digital K.I.D.s and Jasmine Thompson, who were just amazing!
Jasmine Thompson is only 14 years old, but – in my opinion – she was the best act in the entire show. Her voice was simply stunning when she sang „Mad World“. If you want to see a truly talented young woman sing, check out her youtube channel by clicking on her name above.
The Digital K.I.D.s rocked the stage performing Madcon’s „Can’t Hold Us“, which blew everybody’s mind. These kids are rockstars!
If you want to see parts of the amazing show, check out my vlog below.



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