Blogger Meeting & Energy Air

I tried to vlog a little bit last Saturday, as I had plans for a really busy and interesting day.
This plan unfortunately consisted of getting up way too early on a Saturday morning, but as I was meeting my friend Sofia in Lausanne to talk a bit about blogging & youtube, it was totally worth it.
We also went to a little thrift market, where people sold their clothes and accessories they no longer wanted.
We also took the time to take a few little pictures for our respective blogs. You can see the result of this below and I’m sure also pretty soon on Sofia’s blog.
Click here to check out her blog.
HAT, SHIRT, BELT & PANTS : H&M | SHOES : Globus | TRENCHCOAT : Zara | BAG : Michael Kors
After that lovely meeting, I quickly headed home to get ready for the Energy Air concert.
If you want to see what I was up to all day, click on the video below…

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